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My Kiwi Poet Friend and His New Book of Poems

Verses for the King

Some of you might remember that I traveled to Lithuania in April 2012 for a creative adventure. As a traveling art minister, I was able to connect with some Kiwi friends of mine who are living in Lithuania. Through their connection, I was able to facilitate some collaborative art projects with youth and adults through an orphanage, a school, and some small groups meetings. I originally met them when I lived in Scotland. These days they reach out to a community in Lithuania.

My friend Kelvin is a creative whose art mediums range from poetry, writing, painting, and photography, and I'm sure much more. He has written and published several poetry books over the years. He and his wife have lived in several countries reaching out to various communities. He writes from the heart about the places he's lived and traveled to, and about the people he has encountered along the way. He has had live poetry reading tours around Europe and he has won several awards internationally for his poetry.

He is currently trying to get his most recent book of poetry titled "Verses For The King", published with Vineyard International Publishing and has set up a pledge site to raise funds for this new book. I want to take this moment to introduce you to Kelvin and ask if you'd be willing to at least consider helping out a fellow creative. Thanks! -Lisa

Here is a link to one of Kelvin's sites where he posts his poetry:


In Kelvin's own words:

My worship poetry book titled 'Verses for the King' [in faith] will be published by 'Vineyard International Publishing'. They will publish and pay for 50% of the printing. i have to pay for the other 50%.

I am using an excellent New Zealand based crowdfunding website to do this. If all of the money does not come in then those who pledged get refunded. It is a good safe system. Please feel free to visit the site and pledge, but more importantly please pray that God brings this money in.

The following information is taken from the pledge site...

About the Book:

'Verses for the King' is a worship poetry book for anyone who likes to explore or engage with God. Its author, Kelvin Fowler, is a New Zealander who has lived in countries as diverse as the Philippines, Scotland and Mexico. He is currently a Vineyard pastor in Klaipėda, Lithuania.
This book draws us to God, who creates beauty out of despair; fathers orphans and meets us in special places. Kelvin's passion for disadvantaged people and life in the 'now and not yet' shine through, bringing us face to face with a living Jesus.
Some of these poems have won awards, many of them have been performed at various venues across Europe.

'Verses for the King' will make an excellent gift.
Please join us in this adventure, be generous and pledge.
'Verses for the King' is being published by 'Vineyard International Publishing'. VIP is paying 50% of the publishing. Kelvin has to fund the rest. Among other things, his costs include printing, shipping and import duties. VIP and Kel will each receive 1000 books.

About the Author

Kelvin Fowler was born in a southern New Zealand village and grew up loving running, nature and dirt-track speedway.
His dance with Jesus began in the juxtaposition of 'New Age' culture and Sydney cafés and the cliff-faces, caves and canyons of rural New South Wales, Australia.

A call to the nations' minorities have been paramount to his dance. He has been blessed enough to count among his friends transvestites in Australia, drug addicts in Mexico, a husky in Canada, malnourished kids in the Philippines, alcoholics in Scotland and orphans in Lithuania.

For the last ten years Kelvin and his wife have been interceding through the legacy of the Soviet Union and planting a Vineyard church in Lithuania's port city of Klaipėda.

In-between times Kelvin likes to write, paint, take photos, ride his bicycle and listen to public radio and jazz.

An important notice
All prices are in New Zealand dollars. The exchange rates as of December 12 were approximately:
€1 = NZ$1.54
£1 = NZ$1.91

US$1 = NZ$1.18

The rewards do not include postage. Postage will be arranged when I receive the books and have a chance to weigh them. In effort to keep the price down, I will be very creative getting the books to you.


Thank you so much to all of you who have been involved with this important step in my writing journey. It has been fun getting this far.
Thank you to all of you who will pledge; you are helping the adventure continue.

God bless you all.
Cheers, Kelvin

Click on the link here to learn more and to pledge:


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